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Mobil Delvac™ 1300 Super
Extra-high performance, diesel engine oils that help extend engine life in the most severe on- and off-highway applications while delivering outstanding performance. 

Mobil Delvac™ 1300 Super mail-in rebate offer

Terms and conditions

Purchase one (1) one-gallon jug of Mobil Delvac™ 1300 Super heavy-duty diesel engine oil at a participating retailer and receive a $5 rebate check by mail (limit five), or purchase one (1) five-gallon pail of Mobil Delvac 1300 Super heavy-duty engine oil at a participating retailer and receive a $25 rebate check by mail (limit two). Limited to purchases made at participating retailers.

To receive your rebate check by mail:

  • Purchase the eligible products at a participating retailer (listed below) between March 1, 2014, and May 31, 2014.
  • Print your name, address (no P.O. boxes), city, state, zip code, daytime phone number (area code included) and email address (optional) on the official rebate form.
    • To receive a $5 rebate check, send the original, dated register receipt showing proof of purchase of one (1) one-gallon jug of Mobil Delvac 1300 Super heavy-duty diesel engine oil. Limit five (5) $5 jug rebates per household.
    • To receive a $25 rebate check, send the original, dated register receipt showing proof of purchase of one (1) five-gallon pail of Mobil Delvac 1300 Super heavy-duty engine motor oil. Limit two (2) $25 pail rebates per household.
  • Mail the original receipt(s) dated between March 1, 2014, and May 31, 2014, from a participating retailer, with eligible product(s) circled, with completed form, postmarked by June 30, 2014, to:

Mobil Delvac Rebate Offer
P.O. Box 2845
Grand Rapids MN 55745-2845

Some participating locations include:Dates
A & G Diesel Inc. 
A&B Equipment 
Advantage Truck Center 
AJ Wholesale 
All American Diesel & Tire, LLC 
Alltruck & Equipment Inc. 
Associate Food 
Atlantic Detroit Diesel Allison LLC 
Atwood Distributing LP 
Auto Parts Pros 
Ballard Mack Sales and Service Inc. 
Bane Equipment 
Bangor Volvo Truck & Trailer 
Bayside Trucks Inc. 
Bennett Auto Supply 
Bickford Motors Inc. 
Big Cabin Service Center 
Big D-Tire & Lube 
Big R Stores  
Big Rigs Lube Center 
Bill Jones Enterprises Inc. 
Blains Farm and Fleet 
Boss Shop 
Boss Truck Shop 
Boston Freightliner 
Breezewood Ambest 
Brintle Enterprises 
Brompton Valero 2690 
Bruckner Truck Sales, Inc. 
Bruna Implement 
Bucklers Inc. 
Burks Tractor  
Campbell Supply 
Camping World  
Carolina IdealeaseApril 1 - May 31 Only
Carrier Transicold 
Casper Truck Center 
Castex Export 
C-B Kenworth Inc. 
Cedar Rapids Truck Center Inc. 
Cedar Valley Freightliner 
Celli Truck Center 
Central Illinois Ag 
Central Illinois Truck 
Central Power Systems & Services Inc. 
Cit KW of Southern Illinois 
Clarke Power Services Inc. 
Coast Truck Centers 
Coastal Farm & Supply 
Colby Ag Center   
Colonial Ford Truck Sales Inc. 
Colonial Truck Sales Inc. 
Columbia Freightliner Sales 
Columbia Truck Center 
Crazy Fred's Truckstop 
Cross Roads USA Inc. 
Crossroads Ford Truck Sales 
Cumberland Truck Equipment 
Cycle Gear 
D & B Supply 
D & S Truck Center Inc. 
D&K Truck Co. 
Daigle & Houghton Inc. 
Daniels Truck 
Danny's Avondale Truck Wash & Service 
Danny's Big Rig Resort 
Danny's Service Center 
Dario Diesel Service Inc. 
Dave Gill Trucks Inc. 
Dba Harvest Equip 
Dba Kansas Truck Center 
Dedicated Fleet in Rockford 
Degel Fender Works Inc. 
Delta Impl Co.  
Diesel Truck Sales Inc. 
Dodge City Kenworth 
Domino Transport 
Don's Truck Sales Inc. 
Doonan Peterbilt of Great Bend 
Doonan Truck & Equip of Wichita 
DSE Services 
DSU Peterbilt & GMC Truck 
Equipment Depot 
Express Equipment Repair 
Express Truck Repair Inc. 
Family Farm & Home  
Farm King Supply, Inc. 
Fast Truck & Trailer 
Fisher Auto Parts 
Flag City Truck and Equipment Co. 
Florida 595  
Franks & Son Trucking LLC 
Freightliner of Augusta LLC 
Freightliner of Chattanooga 
Freightliner of Grand Rapids Inc. 
Freightliner of Hartford 
Freightliner of Kalamazoo 
Freightliner of Laredo Ltd 
Freightliner of NH 
Freightliner of Savannah 
Freightliner of Toledo 
Freightliner of Utah 
Freightliner of Utah / Mason Diesel Service 
Freightliner of Western Virginia 
Freightliner Southern Connecticut 
French-Ellison Truck Center LLC 
Fyda Freightliner  
G&S Industrial Inc. 
Gabrielli Truck Sales 
Gage Co. Eq 
Gainsville Truck Center Inc. 
Gateway Industrial Power 
Gateway Truck Center 
Gatr Truck Center 
Geecee's Truck Stop 
General Truck Sales of Toledo 
Glade &Grove  
Grand Traverse Diesel Service 
Great Lakes Western Star 
Great West Tire & Lube 
H&L Mack Truck Sales Corp 
H&R Agri-Power 
Hastings Auto Parts 
Heartland Peterbilt 
Henderson Wheel & Rim 
Highway Equipment 
Hill Truck Sales 
Hoekstra Transportation Inc. 
Home of Economy 
Horwith Freightliner 
Houston Freightliner Sterling & W S 
Hoxie Implement   
Hunter Peterbilt - Emlenton 
Husky Truck Center Viv Transportation 
I-70 Truck Repair 
Inland Power Group 
Interstate Power Systems Inc. 
Interstate Trucksource, Inc. 
J & B International Trucks Inc. 
Jack's Heavy Equipment, Inc. 
Jack's Truck & Equipment 
Jackson Group  
Jeffers Crane Services 
Jlg Service Plus 
Jolly Truck & Trailer Service 
Joplin Freightliner 
Jukonski Truck Sales and Service Lt 
JX Peterbilt 
K & H Truck Plaza 
Kansas City Freightliner 
Kansas City Peterbilt 
Kansas Truck Center 
Kapco United 
L&M Fleet Supply 
Lewis Transportation Sales 
Liberty International Trucks of New 
Little America Truckstop 
M & S Equipment, Inc. 
Machinery Rental 
Mack Sales & Service of Decatur Inc. 
Mattoon Rural King 
Maupin Western Star Truck Sales 
McBride Mack Sales and Service Inc. 
McCoy Freightliner of Portland 
McDevitt Trucks Inc. 
Metropolitan Automotive Warehouse 
MHC Kenworth 
Mid America Peterbilt 
Midway Stering Truck 
Midway Truck Service, Inc. 
Midwest Petroleum Repair Shop 
Midwest Truck Sales Inc. 
Mills Fleet and Farm 
Monroe Tractor  
Monument Car Parts 
Morton's Truck Stop 
Motor Service Inc. 
Mountain West Truck Center 
Muralt's Travel Plaza 
Murdoch's Ranch and Home 
Murray's Ford Inc. 
Napa Auto Parts March 1 - April 30 Only
Nebraska Eq 
Nextran Truck Center-Atlanta 
Northern Tool 
Northwest Trucks Inc. 
Oakley Ag Center   
Oasis Service Center 
O'Connor Mack 
O'Connor Volvo Truck & GMC Truck Sl 
Olympic Truck Service 
Orchard Supply Hardware 
Orscheln Farm & Home Rsc 
Pacific Power Products 
Pacific Truck Center 
Pape Kenworth 
Patriot Freightliner Western Star 
Patriot Travel Center 
Peachstate Truck Center 
Penn Detroit Diesel Allison LLC 
Performance Kenworth 
Perkins Pacific 
Peterbilt Connecticut-Berlin 
Piedmont Fleet Services 
Pioneer Corp   
Planters Eq Co.  
Ports To Plains Travel Plaza 
Profleet Truck Lube 
Pro-Motion Distributing 
Quad City Peterbilt Inc. 
Quick Lube Truck Center  
Quincy Farm Supply Co. 
R.R. Charlebois, Inc. 
Ranch and Home Supply 
Reefer Peterbilt 
Ridge Equipment & Truck Repair 
Riebe's Auto Parts 
Ringler Motors Inc. 
RJ's Fuel Stop 
Rock Springs Truck Center 
Rockford Truck Sales 
Rowe Truck & Equipment 
Royal Truck Wash & Lube 
Rs Mile High Sales 
Ruckman's Truck Center Inc. 
Running Supply, Inc.  
Runnings Supply 
Rush Truck Center 
S&S Distributors 
Sacramento 49'er Travel Plaza 
Sapp Bros Truck Stop 
Schow's Inc. 
Scott Equip Co.  
Scott Van Keppel LLC 
Scotts Commercial Truck Services 
Seattle Mitsubishi Fuso 
Seven Feathers Truck & Travel 
Seymour Mack Sales & Service Inc. 
Shamrock Equipment 
Sherwood Freightliner 
Sherwood Tunkhannock 
Shoemakers Truck Station 
Skyworks, L.L.C 
Smart's Truck & Trailer 
Smith Auto Parts 
Smith Power Products Inc. 
Soileau's Truck Center 
Sonny Merryman Inc. 
South Texas Freightliner 
Southeast Equipment Plus 
Southern Idaho Freightliner 
Southwest Missouri Truck Center 
Springfield Farm & Home Supply Inc. 
Springfield Freightliner 
Springfield Tractor & Trailer Sales 
State Line Truck Service 
Stewart & Stevenson Power Products 
Stoops Freightliner 
Stykeman Trucks Inc. 
Sunbury Motor Co. 
Superior Tire Service 
Susquehanna Motor Company Inc. 
Sweeten Truck Center 
Tag Truck Centers 
TDI Truck Repair Center 
Ten Speed Truck Service, Inc. 
TexasTruck Centers of Houston Ltd 
The Detroiter Truck Stop 
The Peterbilt Store 
The Truck Shop 
Theisen Supply 
Theriault Equipment 
Thommen's Automotive Service Inc. 
Tidewater Mack Inc. 
TLGTruck Center 
Top Truck Center Inc. 
Transteck Inc. 
Travel America 
Tri State Kenworth 
Tri State Truck Center, Inc. 
Triad Freightliner of Greensboro Im 
Tri-County Truck Center 
Triple Cities Trucks 
Triple T Truck Stop 
Triple-T Idealease 
Tri-Point Truck Center 
Truck Centers Inc. 
Truck Country 
Truck King Lube 
Trucks Inc. 
TRUE Value 
Twin Bridges Truck City 
United Hardware 
Utility Trailer Sales 
VA Truck Center 
Valley Implement 
Valley Supply and Equip Co. Inc. 
Vanguard Truck Center 
Victoria Mack Sales & Service Store 
Vip Truck Center LLC 
Vomac Truck Sales & Service Inc. 
W W Engine and Supply 
W W Williams 
Walker Auto Stores 
Watseka Rural King 
Watt's Mack Sales Inc. 
WC Cressey & Son Inc. 
Weller Truck Parts 
West Winds Truck Stop 
Western Branch Diesel Inc.orporated 
Western Idaho Freightliner 
Western Mountain Bus Sales 
Western Pacific Leasing 
Western Peterbilt Inc. 
Western Truck Parts & Equipment Co. 
Westfall Volvo & GMC Truck 
Wes-T-Go Truck Stop South 
Wheeling Truck Center 
Whited Truck 
Whiteford Kenworth 
Whiteland Tire and Fleet Service 
White's Idealease 
Wichita Kenworth 
Wickham Tractor Co. 
Wiegand Mack Sales & Service Inc. 
Wilcox and Flegel 
Wilkes-Barre Truck Center 
Winchester Auto 
Witham Truck Stop 
Wolverine Freightliner 
Worldwide Equipment Inc. 
WV-Ohio Motor Sales Inc. 
WW Williams Southeast Inc. 
Yankee Trucks LLC 
York Equipment 

Rebate conditions: Rebate is valid in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. Void in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and where prohibited, restricted or taxed. Eligible oil products can be purchased together on one (1) receipt, or purchased separately and combined in one (1) envelope. Limit five (5) rebates per household for the $5 Rebate Offer and two (2) rebates per household for the $25 Rebate Offer. Each rebate request must contain original rebate form and original receipt(s). Rebate eligible for “in-stock” items only. Limited to purchases made at participating retailers. Not valid on purchases made at nonparticipating retailers. All rebate requests must be postmarked by June 30, 2014, and received by July 15, 2014.

Allow approximately six to eight weeks for delivery of your rebate check following receipt and verification of all required rebate documentation. Rebate valid only for individual consumers; requests from groups, clubs or organizations will not be honored. Rebate cannot be combined with any offer, coupon or discount card. Incomplete, damaged, photocopied, mechanically reproduced, altered and/or forged receipts or rebate forms of any kind, or receipts or rebate forms not obtained through authorized channels, will not be accepted. Invalid or duplicate requests will not be honored or returned. To accept the rebate, a rebate check must be cashed or deposited within ninety (90) days of the issue date. Return of any request/check as undeliverable will result in forfeiture of the rebate. By participating, participants agree to be bound by these terms and the decisions of Exxon Mobil Corporation (“ExxonMobil”), which are final and binding. ExxonMobil; MRM//McCann; and their respective parents, affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, “Released Parties”) are not responsible for late, lost, stolen, illegible, damaged, incomplete, misaddressed, misdirected, delayed, inaccurate or postage-due mail, or for any errors of any kind relating to this rebate. All requests become the property of ExxonMobil and are nonreturnable. ExxonMobil has no obligation to acknowledge, redeem or return rebate requests not in compliance with these terms. The U.S. Postal Service statutes prohibit acts devised to defraud or to obtain money or property by false or fraudulent means if the postal system is involved. This would include, among other things, the use of fictitious names or addresses. This rebate may not be published in any magazine or elsewhere without ExxonMobil’s written permission. Trading, buying, selling or manufacturing of receipts or rebate forms is considered to be in violation of the terms of this rebate. For questions about this mail-in rebate, please call 1-866-895-9127.